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The characteristic flavour of the coca bean depends largely on its country of origin. Just like the wine grape, the soil, the way of cultivation and the type of the plant all define the special taste. Cocoa cultivation isn't an easy task. The plant grows only in a warm but wet climate and exclusively near the 20 degrees North or South latitude. Although heat is essential for the plant, it needs to be protected from direct sunlight. The best location is a shady place under high trees.

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It may be new information for many people but the cocoa is not native to Africa. Settlers brought it to this continent in order to grow it on huge plantations.

Taste: light taste, mandarin-like citrus tastes, vivid acidity



The country’s “national treasure” is its really tasty cocoa which was brought there from the Caribbean in the 1880s. Its quality is so outstanding that other cocoa growing countries look at it as the standard.

Taste: classic cocoa taste which compensates the more extreme tastes in mixtures

Ivory Coast

Éves 1.4 millió tonnás termelésével a világ legnagyobb kakaótermelő országa. Stabil, megbízható minősége és változatlan íze miatt tömegtermelésben ez az egyik legkedveltebb fajta. A hatalmas termelés ellenére a kakaófa nem őshonos növény ezen a területen: az 1900-as években francia telepesek honosították meg itt, hogy aztán jelentős pénzösszegekért exportra értékesítsék a termést.

Ízvilág: mély, klasszikus kakaó íz, mely keverékekben nagyon jól ellensúlyozza a kicsit szélsőségesebb ízű fajtákat



São Tomé and Príncipe

The tiny island country lies on the western equatorial coast of Africa. The first cocoa trees were brought here by Portuguese settlers in the early 19th century and later they also introduced it to West Africa. The cocoa from here has a rich chocolate taste in which you can discover the mild aroma of roasted coffee.

Taste: harmonious, classic cocoa taste