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Karl Harrer

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Karl Harrer was born on 11 August 1958 in Weigelsdorf, Austria, firstborn son of confectioners. He's been passionate about the confectionery since he was a little boy as his parents came from baker and confectioner families.
As a child, waking up to the freshly baked bread's smell from his grandfather's stove was a key experience for him. The stove's warmth heated the children's room because only a wall separated the two rooms. His parents ran their first own bakery in Hornstein for 4 years where Karl and his brother watched with great interest how their father worked.
Later, during the years in Mattersburg when the family ran its own confectionery, he started to appreciate the profession and every detail of a responsible job. As a young man, he couldn't have decided otherwise than to become a confectioner. He studied in St. Pölten, in the lower Austrian trade corporation's chairman's famous confectionery. Few years later, on 8 February 1979, he proudly became Austria's youngest master confectioner. The busy workdays went by, and were colored by competitions at home and abroad. He participated in several European competitions with great success, and he also represented the confectioner family in Canada, Japan and Singapore. He gained a lot of experience during his stay abroad as different methods and ingredients are used in every region and new circumstances have to be faced in every country.
Karl Harrer's first confectionery in Hungary opened in 1995 in Sopron, in his spouse's - Beatrix Harrer- Abosi - home town. The first confectionery was shortly followed by another one where there was a larger surface to create desserts and cakes using the original Harrer recipe. Karl Harrer's dream came true in the summer of 2009 when he opened his first own chocolate workshop where he could, besides the cakes, make delicious chocolate creations- to the delight of the chocolate lovers.